Celiac Disease Treatment in Mumbai

Celiac disease is a digestive disorder wherein your immune system shows an abnormal response to gluten. Grains such as wheat, barley, and rye contain a protein called gluten. Celiac disease can damage the small intestine and you experience symptoms like diarrhea, bloating, gas, etc. For consultation on Celiac Disease treatment in Mumbai book appointment.

What is celiac disease?

Celiac disease or gluten-sensitive enteropathy is a digestive and autoimmune disorder wherein the immune system causes damage to the small intestine when the affected person eats gluten.

What are the causes of celiac disease?

The body’s immune system functions to protect the body from foreign invaders. Ifa person suffering from celiac disease eats food having gluten, the immune system starts attacking the lining of the intestine and damages the villi. The inner lining of the intestine has small finger-like projections called villi, that help in digestion and absorb nutrients from food. The damage to the villi results in malnourishment as the body is not able to absorb nutrients from the food.

What are the symptoms of celiac disease?

Common symptoms of celiac disease are:

  • Unexplained anaemia
  • Growth problems in children
  • Sores in the mouth and a blistering skin rash
  • Muscle cramps, joints, and bone pain
  • Abdominal bloating, gastric problems.
  • Tingling sensation in the legs.
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Acid reflux

When to see a doctor?

Consult your doctor if you have problems related to digestion, such as diarrhea or acid reflux for more than two weeks. If you feel that your child looks pale, irritable and is not thriving, and has foul-smelling stools, you should immediately take him to the doctor for further investigation.

What are the complications associated with celiac disease?

Untreated celiac disease may cause malnutrition that results in slow growth. Moreover, malabsorption of calcium and vitamin d leads to softening of bones (rickets) in children and osteoporosis in adults. Damage to the small intestine further results in lactose intolerance. People with celiac disease may have seizures or a disease of the nerves called peripheral neuropathy. Children may also have hormonal disturbances like hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus.

How is celiac disease treated?

Strict gluten-free diet is the only definitive way to control the disease. Vitamin & iron supplementation can help cure the deficiencies.

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