Glue Injection in Gastric Varices in Mumbai

Endoscopic cyanoacrylate glue injection (ECGI) is recommended as an effective treatment for bleeding gastric varices. Traditionally, oesophageal varices were treated using sclerotherapy. However, new techniques such as Endoscopic glue injection therapy are now being used for effective management of very large oesophageal and gastric varices. For Glue Injection in Gastric Varices in Mumbai contact Globus hospital.

What is Cyanoacrylate?

Cyanoacrylate glue is a quick-bonding super glue that is used to bind metal, plastic, and even human skin. It is commonly known as Crazy glue. Cyanoacrylate glue is a watery solution that undergoes polymerization and hardens within twenty seconds in a physiological medium and instantaneously on coming in contact with blood.

How is an Endoscopic glue injection performed?

Endoscopic glue injection is performed using a therapeutic gastroscope with a large working channel. A 23-gauge disposable sclerotherapy needle is used to puncture varix and about 1cc of glue is injected. The varix is then assessed and additional glue may be injected to obliterate the varices completely.

Are there any complications?

Although Cyanoacrylate glue is safe for varix obliteration, some patients may develop fever and pain after the injection. Cases of pulmonary embolism and cerebral stroke have been reported in a minority of patients.

Repeat endoscopy is performed three to four days after the injection to ensure that the varices have been completely obliterated. The varices are tested using an injection catheter or closed biopsy forceps.

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